New year’s day Celebration



Wake up in the morning fog in front of a river.

This is 1 January 2016 and this is Sauraha in Nepal’s Chitwan District. It was just the starting point for Rajban, a  Chepang ‘s village, one of the poorest castes of Nepal.




This village has about 35 houses and 250 inhabitants, who consume an average of one meal a day. The land is arid and totally devoid of irrigation systems. During the dry period people survive by hunting bats and selling cattle to the city in exchange for food.




Thanks to Finale for Nepal we spent the first day of the year with the shy children of Himalayan Primary School. We have them washed, dressed in new warm uniforms, donated pens, colored pencils and clothes.

Moreover Final for Nepal pay their teachers providing instruction in almost all the village children. Often they face health problems due to malnutrition.
By mid-January we are committed in the renovation work of the school, about two hours walking along a difficult and bumpy path, little unusable during the monsoon. Often children between 6 and 9 years do not attend school because of the difficulty to travel along these trail.

IMG_1794_editedWhat better way to start the new year giving back a smile to a child.


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