Sharing for Living


No matter what color your skin is, what your religion, your age, or your habits, we are all brothers and sisters and together we can create happy and helthy society.

True Citizens is an environment for the underprivileged people and children living in Nepal, where they truly share hope, happy, healthy and harmonious atmosphere with eternal love and respect.

In Swoyambhu Metropolitian CityTrue Citizen everyday organising food distribution programme. Underprivileged, bagger, street children and disable are benefited by providing rice and lentil.

French and Spanish volunteers supporting medical campaign  to cure injured, wounded and helpless people of Kathmandu.

Some beautiful moment of Saturday class with the little True Citizen.



3 thoughts on “Sharing for Living

  1. This is wonderful Elisa, i love and have lots of respects for the way you share your photography with beautiful story. Thank you for this work, I just want to suggest, Swoyambhu is not district, it is swoyambhu Metro Municipality, Ward No: 15, kathmandu district.

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      • Hi Elisa, it is so wonderful of you to accept and being a part of our movement. we always remember you with lots of love and respects. Again, i want you to rectify mistake i made, it is actually Swoyambhu Metropolitian City. Thank you for sharing


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