Quiet country life


Ilam dictric in eastern Nepal offer a differnt alternative from traditional turist destinations, expecially if you want to take a break from noisy and polluted Kathmandu.

Sorrounded by green hills Aarubote village is a pretty scenary.

Deepak’s family runs a small Organic Tea Farm,and you will gain hands-on experience helping the tea farmers and local communities to cultivate and harvest organic tea through sustainable farming methods.

The family is dedicated and proud of their organic philosophy, and are doing a fantastic job on their farm.
Deepak was always open to educate about the process of tea production, and it was a pleasure to learn from him.
The accommodation is very comfortable, an meal times was always epic!

 After work you can play football with the kids, get to know the locals, help in the kitchen (especially during mo mo night!), check out the neat hydroelectric plant being built by the river, hangout with their smart and awesome son Samhiok, or simply explore the hills of Aarubote village and Phikkal’s other surrounding mountain communities.

Mai Pokhari lake trekking was amazing.

Stay for a few weeks and you’re bound to take part in one of the many festivals of Nepal.

I improved my Nepali language and I practiced yoga with a wonderful girl, Annelie.

I want to remind you guys with this sweet Nepali Buddhist musician nun and her song Ani Choying – Phulko aakhama

This is a great way to experience raw rural Nepal.






A great way of joinng and knowing people and places all over the world!

The idea to offer real volunteerism -woorking in exchange for food and lodging- is excellent and a good alternative to all those “volunteer” companies, which are on the market meanwhile and offer more working tourism at high prices as volunteering, is remarkable.

Every one can be part of this system for a relatively low fee.

A recommendable platform workaway.info



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